The Chosen Ones

We received some seriously awesome submissions, and we think we managed to select a lineup that is going to herald a night of Comedy, Drama, Dramedy (is it a "thing"? is it not?), and edge-of-your-seat Thrills.

EVENT DATE:  Friday, April 3, 2015.  7pm Cocktails, 8pm Screening,  9pm Hang.

LOCATION:  Therapy Studios  2010 S.Westgate Ave  Los Angeles, CA 90025

Thank you to everyone who took the time to create exceptional work and submit.  We look forward to including some of that work in our future events.

Our lineup includes the following projects and directors.  Keep an eye out here and our Facebook page for more info on each project in the coming weeks.

  • "Bunion" | Jessica Sanders
  • "Light Echoes" | Ben Tricklebank & Aaron Koblin
  • "M is for Masticate" | Robert Boocheck
  • "Sequestered" | Lucas Spaulding
  • "Suicide Sam" | Maurice Chauvet
  • "The Bridge Partner" | Gabriel Olson