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The Side Project Three | Music & Sound and The Moving Image

The third event in THE SIDE PROJECT screening series will be focused on Music & Sound and The Moving Image, exploring the integration of visuals with music and sound.

CLICK HERE TO RSVP TO THE EVENT.  We look forward to seeing you.

The eight films are:

  • BRASILIA : Benjamin Dickinson
  • FAREWELL: Thibault Debaveye
  • SLIP: Chelsea McMullen
  • I KNOW THE TRUTH: Dustin Bowser and Andrew Ciaccio
  • THE MANGROVE: Duncan Ferguson
  • UNTIL THE QUIET COMES: Khalil Joseph
  • WAVES OF GRACE : Chris Milk  

WAVES OF GRACE, a virtual reality film, will be presented in a separate room with two VR headsets for a full experience.

There will be a panel with a number of the directors after the 60-minute screening, discussing the impact and inspiration that sound and music had on their visual execution.  Eddie Kim, sound designer for "Waves of Grace," will join to discuss the changing landscape of sound in the virtual space.

Silence [in cinema] is when the buzzing of a fly on the window pane fills the whole room with sound, and the ticking of a clock smashes time into fragments with sledgehammer blows.
— - Béla Balázs