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An Auspicious Beginning | Friday the 13th

THE SIDE PROJECT series evolved out of a number of informal screening events we've done over the past couple years, simply from the desire to showcase projects that we and our friends and partners have done.

Over time, we've realized that we aren't the only ones sitting on great creative work!  And so THE SIDE PROJECT was born.

Our first screening was in October 2012, and featured work and collaborations that have continued to the present.  "Black Magic" was a music video co-directed by Kristin McCasey and Anna Mastro, and produced by Therapy.  Anna and Kristin recently worked on another project together, a feature titled "Walter," which premiered at the Palm Springs Film Festival in January 2015 to critical acclaim.  "Food For Thought" is a short film directed by Will Hartman that premiered at SXSW.  And "Under God" is a short film directed by Richard Farmer, director at Green Dot Films.

In 2012, we hosted another successful screening with "Bench Seat", another film by Anna Mastro, and "The Young Artie Feldman" by director Erik Moe.